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DeDe Murcer Moffett SNAP makeup session getting ready for live recording

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  1. Love your spirit, wiinrtg, insight, and having had the chance to meet you in the real world.Eager to get to a spot to engage your thoughtful post more fully.Until then, may I throw out a couple of thoughts and ask you to ponder?First, in a sense, social media is more than media, a platform, or a tool—it’s representative of a worldview, a way of seeing and being. I’d suggest you’re well down the path to the worldview, but you might just be a station or two away still.To switch metaphors: You define the edges of the missing piece of that worldview quite well in your post.Second, and you’ll see this in my own Like Minds followup post which I started last Sunday but haven’t finished yet, you actually beautifully nail not only the “return” on Like Minds, but for nearly any other conference. And it’s the reason why TED can post all of their videos for free and still expect premium conference ticket pricing coupled with excess demand.Third, it dawned on my when I paid our tab for a small gathering after Social Media in Business, Like Minds cost considerably less than an hour or so in a noisy pub with a few friends.It’s folks like you who will lead the way in mining the value inherent in social media (I mean “value” and not “financial gain;” though there is a connection for sure). None of us of actually “there” yet. We have much work left to do.Can’t wait to “talk” more with you on your blog. Your’s is one for stimulating, mind-stretching engagement. Also can’t wait to see you again in February.

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