Life Is a Performance – Step Into Your Spotlight

Life is a Performance – Step Into Your Spotlight

You can want the spotlight. You can dream of the spotlight. You can even believe you deserve the spotlight. But the only thing that is going to put you in the spotlight is a great performance!DeDe Murcer Moffett sings for the NAtional Anthem at the New York Yankees ballpark

Performance Matters

Say what you want, but the truth is, life IS a performance. No doubt you are going to have good days and bad days. Some days you will step into that lead role and absolutely kill it.  Some days you’re preoccupied, not really connected to your audience and you give an average performance.  And some days you totally flub your lines and get booed off the stage. Pull it together and Snap Out of It!

The Importance of Mission

The key element that creates one star performer after the other is they don’t have jobs.  They have a mission.  Whether you are an actor, administrative assistant, writer, or a CEO, in order to give the performance of your life day after day after day you must have a mission. Yes you have a job to do but top performers see way past the job. The best of the best know exactly DeDe Murcer Moffett Hi Res Photo ver.01how their talents and abilities can and will change the game or change the bottom line for a company. They don’t play down their importance and they are willing to step into their own spotlight with courage and confidence.

Never Apologize For Greatness

Not everyone is going to win the best actress or best actor category. In real life everyone does not get a trophy for just showing up.  The world is extremely competitive. But if you want to put yourself in the running to be recognized as a top performer, then never apologize for your greatness.  Accept your talents, own your creativity, use your knowledge and grow your network. You bet your sweet cheeks life is a performance.  So find your spotlight and give us a performance that matters.  Can I get a Snap Yes?


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