Have You Been Narcistruck At Work?

DeDe-Murcer-Moffett-Motivational-Leadership-SpeakerIt comes out of nowhere making your feel lost, confused and wrong. You have just been narcistruck. Dealing with a narcissist can be mind-wrenching. Have you been narcistruck at work? You prepare your argument, thinking that you can make your point, and before you know it, the conversation has taken a completely different turn. You are so confused, you don’t even remember where you started. Don’t despair. You can learn valuable lessons from these brain twisting, energy sucking individuals.

Narcissist have many evil tools to keep you off center. Manipulating, lying, making you feel guilty, selective hearing, and, the dreaded, topic-changing rouse. In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve spent my fair share of moments at the receiving end of these techniques. And while I wouldn’t wish the full-blown diagnosis on my worst enemy, (ok just a few people) I can find some useful qualities amidst the chaos. In fact, I see how narcissists can teach us a little something about confidence and resiliency.

Think about it. Have you ever seen a narcissist that appears to be lacking in confidence? They walk around like superman! Sorry Superman I think you are great! The paradox, of course, is that a true narcissist is completely frail inside, but, on the outside, you would never know it. Unless you’re reading this and now you do! Narcissists don’t question themselves, they just assume that they are right. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to live like that? Just for a day? No not narcissistic just confident.

And then there is the issue of resiliency. Narcissists never admit defeat. EVER! They will keep fighting until the last cow on the field is back in the barn. Of course it’s the cow’s fault they got out in the first place. Never mind the narcissist left the damn gate open.  To a narcissist, if there is anything left to win, his job is not done. Aren’t there times in our lives when we could use a little more of this attitude?

So, next time you get narcistruck by the overpowering and super in denial co-worker, watch how they position themselves and take a play out of their playbook to SNAP – See New Achievable Possibilities in your business and life.

Can I get a SNAP Yes!

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