How to Handle Criticism It’s Critical


DeDe-Murcer-Moffett-Leadership SpeakerWhy is it that 100 people can tell you that you have done a marvelous job, then one person makes a negative comment about you or your work and you fall to your knees screaming “Why why, why!” We really must Snap Out of It!

If you have ever wanted to be a speaker, a singer, actress, painter, teacher, CEO, mechanic or politician (God forbid) you better learn how to handle criticism it’s critical. Fail to practice the steps to step away from criticism and you will live a small and miserable life! Don’t let these critical creatures push you away from your goals and dreams.
Snap Out of It!

So how do you deal with the inevitable naysayers and ego slayers? It takes some critical thinking on your part. That means don’t allow your mind and feelings to be swept away by their negative comments. Instead take action. Stop, snap and think about it.

1. What’s the Ratio?
If you have eight “great jobs” and two “you suck” forget it. If I’ve learned one thing from being a speaker, entertainer and TV and radio personality, you will NEVER please everyone. I’ve tried and it drastically derailed my dreams. The truth is some people are defined by what they don’t like instead of what they do like. Those people suck, not you.

2. What’s the Type?
Constructive criticism says “I didn’t like that but what if you tweaked it like this?” That’s information you can work with and change if you so desire. But criticism that is hateful and mean isn’t useful and it’s more about the critics internal pain or inability to be happy than it is about you.

3. What’s the Context?
Remember that people push back and are critical of things that scare or threaten them. Were you pushing a personal or professional boundary for the critic? Were you causing them to think or feel in a way that their beliefs reject? Remember boxed in people like lots of company inside the box. Snap Out of It!

4. What’s the Cost?
If you don’t Snap Out of It and continue to listen to those critical people, eventually you will convince yourself that you are wrong and they are right. You will increase your fear of being ostracized and you will lose your self-confidence and courage. You will sit down, shut up and play small. You will lose out on opportunities that are yours for the taking.
Is their opinion worth the cost of your happiness and success?

You are going to be criticized today, tomorrow or sometime in the near future. So before you decide to give up on your goal or dream remember it’s critical that you take action now.  Instead of running your why, why, why story, run through steps 1-4 and you will – See New Achievable Possibilities in your business and life in a SNAP!

Can I get a SNAP Yes?… Can I get a SNAP Yes!

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