Leadership – An Attribute Not a Position

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Leadership is an attribute not position in which one is responsible for management of a group or team. We see leaders as company owners, managers, teachers, politicians and many others who we look to for direction and training. However, leadership is not always a position but also an attribute of individuals that are not the top dog in the group or even in the leader position. Leadership is a factor that is found at every level of a workplace or environment. There are individuals that exude leadership that may not realize it or feel as if they are in a position to act upon it.

Leaders are the individuals who provide the direction to those under them and prevent chaos by providing structure. Without leadership, individuals feel unfocused, less enthusiastic and often unproductive which can lead to everyone going their own direction. Being a leader is not just about being the one to give orders; it is about providing the support, guidance, direction and information necessary for the success of everyone. However, while these individuals are leaders, the other levels within an organization have leaders among them, some of which might not know they are or are not given the opportunity to step up. The role of Administrative Assistant is considered a position of assistant and not leadership, however, when given empowerment, these individuals take on leadership qualities to assist the team and ensure the project is moving forward and sometimes even giving directions.

Leadership is not just for a power positions, leadership at all levels is necessary for the success for all those involved. Those at various levels will at times find themselves in a leadership position as they take on tasks assigned to them and work with others to complete the task. Empowerment of employees allows them the freedom and confidence to take on leadership roles that in turn benefit the company in its accomplishments. Leadership is an attribute, not a position.

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