How Successful Women Rekindle Their Fire

For thousands of years, every culture on the Earth has recognized the importance of fire. In both the physical and spiritual realm, fire has the ability to burn away that which isn’t necessary and is superfluous. It also combines, melds and strengthens that which is essential. Our inner fire is the primary driver of both our determination and our inspiration, which are two key abilities that every successful leader needs. Fire transforms everything that it touches and changes it, igniting passion, bringing clarity and increasing focus. Here’s how successful women rekindle their fire.

They Understand the Importance of Burning Brightly

Maintaining their inner fire can be a challenge for most women in business simply because they are so busy trying to fill so many roles in both their daily and professional lives. Sadly, many women fall victim to traps and blocks that sap their energy and drain their power until their inner fire dwindles and threatens to die out.Bonfire

Without a healthy inner fire, women run the real risk of getting bogged down and diverted off the track of finding their true calling and purpose. Without an inner fire that burns strongly, they lose the strength to make the tough, but wise choices that will enable them to take ownership and lead in their personal and professional lives.

Having a powerful inner flame that shines brightly calls attention to each woman’s individual talents and specific skills. It sets each woman apart from her peers, whether they are male or female, and helps them earn the trust and respect that they need to rise to the next level of leadership.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, bored, lost, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, or misdirected, as though your life is missing something, but you aren’t quite sure what that something is or how to find it, chances are great that you’ve let the challenges in your daily life distract you from feeding your inner fire.

The good news is that even if your inner fire has dwindled down to just the faintest spark, you don’t have to continue going through your days without it. You can rekindle it and bring it roaring back to life again and use its power to reignite your passion and find your purpose!

Catch Fire Again and Stoke the Flames with These Tips

Practice letting go. Still holding on to grudges and nursing old wounds? Hanging on to anger and resentment is literally like pouring cold water over your inner fire. This is because each of us tends to put our best efforts and energy into whatever it is that we happen to focus our attention on.

Change your focus by letting go of past mistakes and hurts, whether the pain comes from something that someone else did, or is the result of an error on your part.

Forgiveness releases your energy. It is literally like blowing air onto your flame so that it has room to grow and burn brighter and hotter and bring something new, and better into your present and future.

Be grateful. Having a grateful attitude is not about being in denial about the reality of a situation. It’s also not about settling. It’s not allowing the thought that just because things could be worse doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve something better.

Having gratitude is practicing being thankful. It is making the conscious effort to look for the positive aspect of any situation and counting your blessings.

Just as anger and resentment for past mistakes and wrongs can hold you back if you allow your attention to rest there, focusing on the negative aspect of things that happen in your day to day life starves your inner fire. You can feed your fire and build it up by getting into the habit of literally counting your blessings each day.

As you practice looking for the positive in all situations, use the burst of energy that you receive from this to increase your stamina and renew your determination. Stoking your inner fire not only builds your endurance and resolve, it provides the fuel for proactive change.

Stock up on fire starters  Has your inner fire grown so dim and cold that you worry it’s gone out? To build your fire back you will need more fuel, and some firestarters!

Take a good look at every aspect of your life and the people and things that are in it, and ask yourself the following questions.

DeDe-Murcer-Moffett-Motivational-Keynote-SpeakerDo you have people and things in your life that add to it?
What are some simple things that bring a smile to your face?
Who do you know in your circle that can brighten any room simply by walking into it?
Do you have at least one person that you can count on to lift you up when times are difficult?
Do you have a list of things that you do each day that build your spirit?
Once you’ve answered these questions, work on incorporating more of the things that bring you joy into your daily life and seek out people that will help to build your energy rather than drain it.

Surrounding yourself with things that bring meaning and purpose into your life, and people that build you up rather than tear you down, adds fuel to the embers of your flame so that it doesn’t die out.

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