How Teams Go From Good to Great

Jessi Murcer

DeDe’s niece, Jessi Murcer

A team, as defined by the dictionary, is a group of people working together. At some point in our lives, we have all been part of a team. To take your team from good to great, it is important to not only understand the skills a good team possesses but you must be willing to implement those skills too.

First and foremost a team must have a leader. What is a leader? A leader is the touchstone and heart of the team. A leader fosters great communication, organization, respect, trust and accelerates an attitude and a path for victory. Leaders must exude confidence and an attitude that commands respect even when they themselves are afraid and under tremendous pressure. Leaders must have the stamina and courage to make tough decisions to erratic attitudes and or behaviors from inside and outside the team that cripple drive and create dissention.

Leaders must be ever mindful of how they are being viewed by their team. The success of a team will be determined by the daily actions and expectations of their leader.

A cohesive team allows for open communication. This gives each member a voice, making everyone feel included. Withholding information or not adding your voice to the team can cause you to appear withdrawn detached or even viewed as a slacker. Speak up, add to the conversation allowing your unique voice be heard.

A smart team will organize themselves to best use each member’s unique talents. Each member should know and understand their role in the group. Jealousy among members only serves to diminish time, talent and energy and will eventually destroy what could be an excellent team.

Respect is one of the most important aspects of a team. Without respect, all of the other concepts fail to exist. Respect means that members should feel comfortable and safe with their team. Great teams do not allow gossip, divisiveness or self-serving attitudes to fester from inside our outside the team. Be willing to look honestly at your motives and actions toward your teammates and make the necessary changes that enhance your value as a vital team member.

With respect comes trust, which has a huge impact on the success of the group. Each member must trust their teammates to uphold their responsibilities. Once trust is gone fear, anger and chaos begin to erode enthusiasm and excitement from even the most talented of teams. Are you a trustworthy team player?

United Goal
Every team has a purpose. A team that together defines a clear goal with their heart and mind squarely focused on that purpose or goal will be significantly more successful. Consciously strive to eradicate any and all distractions that hinder the possibility of success to utilize and unite your efforts to win.

As a team there is never one winner. Each member is a vital part of the success of a team. It’s important to not only celebrate the large achievements, but also all the small accomplishments along the way. Celebrating as a team brings members closer together forming deep bonds based on shared experiences and makes continued success not only more desirable but also increasingly more possible.

Take your team from good to great. Create a positive environment where communication, organization, respect, and celebration bring you to successfully execute and reach a united goal. Help your team commit to a higher and more conscious level of performance and work together to See New Achievable Possibilities in business and life.

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