Move Past Discomfort in a SNAP!

Move past discomfort in a SNAP! See New Achievable Possibilities.

It was inevitable that your favorite TV show would air its final episode sooner or later. Acid-washed jeans and permed hair had their day, and that day is done. The dinosaurs no longer rule the earth. Neither does the Roman Empire. Pluto even lost its place as a full-fledged planet! My point is, all things come to an end eventually—and that includes the discomfort you might be feeling right now as you take your first, second and third steps into the unknown.

Move Past Discomfort In a SNAP! DeDe Murcer Moffett Motivational Keynote Speaker In my new book; SNAP Yes! The Art of Seeing New Achievable Possibilities in Business and Life, I talk about whenever you’re tempted to consider backing off, slowing down, or throwing in the towel entirely, think back on one of your previous “big” accomplishments. How did you feel when you were pulling all-nighters to pass that one incomprehensible class you needed for your degree? When you moved halfway across the country for a new job? When you were asked to lead a project that the entire team’s jobs hinged on? When you were in the throes of surviving your kid’s terrible twos?

All of those things caused their fair share of anxiety, stress, pain, and exhaustion. But all of that discomfort is in the past now, right? And it was worthwhile, correct? SNAP Yes! Always remember that the fear you feel right now is temporary. Use your present discomfort to motivate you to keep moving forward. As you become more familiar with this new space, the less afraid of it you will be.

To move past discomfort in a SNAP, stop telling yourself scary stories.

Consider this scenario: You’re at work and your boss walks in. He doesn’t smile, doesn’t say hello, and doesn’t act like his normal friendly self. Almost immediately you go into panic mode, wondering if you’ve done something wrong. You start scanning your memory banks. Have I been too vocal about sharing my ideas for how our department can improve? Have my evening certification classes been taking more of a toll on my work than I realize? Was the woman who came into the office yesterday applying for my job? Your stomach goes into knots. You start imagining being out of work, losing your house, being laughed at by your uppity friends, and having to ask your parents for a loan. But guess what? In reality, the only thing “wrong” was that your boss was bloated and constipated!

Yeah, it’s easy to laugh at this scenario. But the truth is, we do this kind of thing to ourselves all the time! We decide for ourselves what other people “must” be thinking and why they’re “definitely” behaving a certain way. We make decisions and take actions based on what we’re afraid might happen in the future. We also allow our interpretation of the past (which may or may not be accurate) to determine our current outlooks and attitudes. We torture ourselves by reliving past mistakes and regrets.

What I’m saying is, the stories we tell ourselves are very powerful. Almost singlehandedly, your thoughts have the ability to make an action step feel empowering or burdensome. They have the power to make others’ reactions seem crippling or easy to take in stride. They make new possibilities seem achievable or like long shots. So take action and move past discomfort in a SNAP! Your success depends on it.

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