Manipulation – The Gold Standard for Success

Headphones controlling peoples minds

Manipulation has become the gold standard for relating, selling and achieving success.  We are so immersed in the act of manipulation that when we hear the basic truth we don’t tend to be motivated to move forward or purchase.  Our senses are looking for something more exciting and titillating in order to act.   In case you have become numb and fail to see the harmful  effects of manipulation running rampant in our society,  read over the following definitions.  Then ask yourself who is REALLY controlling and calling the shots in this play we call life?

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I’ve Got the Truth

highway sign truth next exit

I’ve got the truth! At least that’s what I think and what everyone else thinks too. We all think we have THE  truth. Of course it only appears that we have it because we only live our own truths and not someone else’s. Our lives are governed only by what we know and believe. What someone else believes may be contrary to what we believe therefore  (according to us) they are wrong and they certainly don’t have THE truth.  More like they don’t have our truth if truth be told.   So what is the truth? Is there one infallible truth?

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Anything But These Feelings!

Crying clouds representing sad feelingsThere are times in our lives when we just don’t feel motivated or inspired.  We say we feel nothing and describe the feeling as a tone of  blue or a tad shade of gray.  We feel guilty for feeling nothing.  We look for the reason why this is happening.  What am I doing that is causing this nothingness?

We run to the book store to purchase a book that outlines the top 5 steps we must to do to once again feel good.  We sign up for workshops that will finally have the answer we haven’t been able to find ourselves.  We call a friend and see if they can cheer us up.  We go to the bar and have a drink or drive through one of the millions of fast food restaurants and get a big ole dose of MSG, sugar, salt and pink slime.  Yes that will certainly make us feel better.

The question is what is wrong with just feeling?  Is the tone of blue or the shade of gray bad?  Do we have to feel inspired or motivated all the time?  Who decided that some feelings are good and some are bad?

Maybe this feeling that we are interpreting as a lack of inspiration or motivation is simply space or peace or down time.  Maybe we don’t need to give it a name at all.  Feelings are called feelings because they are to be felt.  Feelings do not need to be analyzed and dissected by the brain, just felt.  All feelings are us and the more we run from one feeling to another the less we know who we are and the more frightened we become of the world.  Once we are in that heightened state of anxiety and fear the more we become prey to the world of persuasion and coercion.

So feel it all and see where the feeling takes you.  You will be surprised at how much more  time and energy you have simply by not fleeing one feeling  to rush to the next.

People Not Sheeple

Often you hear me talk about “Sheeple” who used to people.  You know the ones, they don’t stand up straight, their heads are slightly bowed and they are always fearful, talking about how baaaaaad things are.  Yes Sheeple are the newest minority in America, although I understand they will becoming a majority in the not so distant future.

In my newest workshop “Stand Up Sheeple”  I work with individuals helping to dislodge their head from the rear end of the sheeple in front of them.  They have become accustomed even attached to their very dark and tiny world.  Too distracted to notice the Sheeple they have put all of their faith in are also following a long line of tired misguided Sheeple.

This workshop is not for the weak of heart.  The shock of feeling freedom along with the sweet smell of liberating choice is too much for many to handle.  Sheeple believe they are being tricked and that the wool is being pulled over their eyes by those trying to free them from enslavement.

“Stand Up Sheeple” is a lifelong workshop.  Free of charge but not free of fear, commitment and the willingness to go it alone even if it appears the rest of the world has the answer while falling off the cliff.


Don’t Be Trumped By Donald Trump

donald trump saying I quit

What influences our behavior more than celebrities and stars?  The extremely wealthy celebrity stars  like Donald Trump!  We watch how they work and interact with others and decided this is the gold standard for success.  Who cares if it is devoid of authenticity, integrity and compassion.  We are after the cold hard cash and affluent lifestyle not silly relationships, who has time for that level of  mediocrity!

Celebrity Apprentice is a show I love to watch as the the illusions of our idols come crumbling down while true colors and motivations are revealed.  I am equally inspired by the celebrities who hold on to their integrity despite the overwhelming consensus of Trump’s team that winning at any price is the coveted mindset.

Ask yourself honestly who’s running your show?  Ego or integrity?  The manipulation of the mindset starts with that slippery slope of justification “If it’s good enough for Donald, it’s good enough for me!”  Oh please,  I just heard myself yell… “Donald I Quit!”